Hastings HV-208 Telescopic Fiberglass Electrical Hot Stick

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This Hastings model HV-208 is a bucket stick ideal for quick access for linemen working out of a truck. The stick collapses down below the lip of the bucket and is offered with the lightweight bucket storage canister with a snap-on lid secured with lanyard. The stick is on 26" when retracted and extends to 8 foot long.

  • Triangle Shape - enables each section to lock in automatically. No more twisting and turning to lock sections 
  • High Visibility - fluorescent tip section is highly visible and has a foam core. All tip sections are 1.15" diameter.
  • Reliable- All sections are 100% tested per OSHA and ASTM F-711
  • Re-Designed Lock Buttons - new shape and larger size are easier to operate with and without gloves 
  • More Versatile - Use only the number of required sections to perform each job. Example: a 40 ft. tool can be reduced to a 20 ft. working height by depressing the lock button and sliding the bottom sections off. This allows for a lightweight tool to perform the work easier 
  • Easy Disassembly - simply depress the lock button and slide section, or sections, out. No tools are required for disassembly 
  • Ergonomic Design - gives the operator a better gripping surface for better control Reduces Inventory - only one size lock button and spring for replacement needs 
  • Easy Maintenance - All sections have a smooth glossy surface for routine cleaning and waxing 
  • New Base Cap - cushions and protects base end 
  • Improved Universal Head - strong aluminum alloy head incorporates corona discharge design and includes a captive Belleville washer to hold universal attachments securely

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