Wood Owl 1-1/4" x 24" Deep Cut Auger Bit

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  • Deep Cut Auger Bits are designed to easily and quickly bore deep, smooth holes in utility poles, railroad ties, pressure treated limber, wet or frozen wood and other demanding materials
  • Produces a very clean hole as the spur scores the outside edge of the hole before the cutter head clears material
  • Not designed to cut through nails as will damage the spur
  • Auger bodies and lead screws are not cast or forged but milled and ground from solid round blanks. These machining processes produce bits that are perfectly concentric with very little wobble that drill accurate diameter holes, require less energy to power through wood creating less heat
  • Made from high-carbon S55C steel specially designed for Woodowl bits with cutting heads induction hardened to 58 HRC. PTFE coated to reduce friction prevent corrosion.
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